Infrared Heat Therapy


30 mins

Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Far infrared (FIR) is the most beneficial ray produced by the sun, unseen by the naked eye yet very therapeutic to the body by alleviating imbalances in our tissues.

FIR creates heat and vibration that is said to help expand blood capillaries, stimulate circulation, increase metabolism, promote tissue generation and reduce overstimulation of sensory nerves. This allows the body to release toxins back into the bloodstream in order to be excreted naturally.

FIR is said to help ease the symptoms of many chronic illnesses such as arthritis, chronic back pain, muscle pain, as well as many others.

Treatment consists of laying fully or partially clothed under a dome for 15 minutes up to a maximum of two hours for one session. The FIR heat rises to a maximum of 71 degrees. Most clients prefer a half-hour session, prior to receiving a massage. Drinking extra water after undergoing FIR heat therapy is also recommended to help speed the released toxins through the body.